Our History


Integrated Power Systems International, Inc.

... was originally formed as an electrical service and installation contractor over twenty five years ago. Working directly with our clients, we found several companies that manufactured high quality hardware, but none had the will or experience to design, build, install and test one of a kind projects. We saw great opportunity for a firm that could act as a single source for power projects with unique power requirements.

In the past forty-eight years we have grown considerably...

Integrated Power Systems International, Inc.

... has now formed a network of world wide suppliers and manufacturers that working together as a team lead by the experienced engineers at IPSI are a full service power integrator. We now provide complete system design, material procurement, manufacturing / manufacturing acceptance testing, field installation, startup and commissioning. We also provide operation and maintenance manuals.

In all, for nearly fifty years power systems designed and manufactured under...

Integrated Power Systems International, Inc.

We have supplied millions of kilowatt-hours of electrical power throughout the world. When ever dependable power is needed - from barren Arctic wastes to Africa's steaming jungles these IPSI 's efficient systems have established an outstanding reputation for longevity. Since our beginning, IPSI's advanced power system designs have helped set international standards. Our performance has set standards to - in such diverse, critical applications as hospital emergency rooms, microwave relay stations, remote mining sites, dam construction, water pumping sewage treatment plants, elevator operation, peak shaving. Throughout, we continue to build our reputation for reliability and dependability.